3 September 2017:
Even environmental conservationists love this Audi

“Cleaner is currently not possible …” “When natural gas, also known as CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), undergoes combustion, virtually no harmful substances are released, and very little nitrogen oxide at all. As confirmed by Environmental Action Germany (Deutsche Umwelthilfe): Instead of the 90 milligrams per kilometre permitted from 2020, only 34 mg/km came out of the exhaust in the Audi.”

Der Spiegel, 29 / 2017:
Genie out of the pressure bottle

“According to the key message in a concept paper recently published by VW ‘natural gas as an automobile fuel has the potential to become a completely climate-neutral energy source for individual mobility’.” “The entire concept makes so much business sense ‘that you simply have to back it’, said Jens Andersen, responsible for natural gas mobility at the VW Group.”

auto mobil – the VOX automobile magazine, Series 39, Sun. 01.10.2017, topic including: Is natural gas the new or better diesel?

Voiceover of Dr Jens Andersen, Head of Technology Strategy and Group Coordinator for CNG Mobility at the Volkswagen Group: “The engine powered by CNG is the cleanest that you can showcase.” “… This is the case especially for vehicles that travel long distances. In this scenario, the CNG engine is a really attractive alternative.” Article: auto mobil – the VOX automobile magazine: Is natural gas the new or better diesel?