CNG – alternative fuel suitable for everyday use

CNG – alternative fuel suitable for everyday use

Every second home in Germany is heated with natural gas – in new-builds and in the existing housing stock. This makes natural gas the most popular heat source in Germany. This fuel is available 24/7 and nationwide throughout Germany without any requirement for individuals to hold a stockpile in reserve. Any household is reliably supplied with heating energy when it is connected to the gas grid. Modern heating systems powered by natural gas operate efficiently, are environmentally friendly and cost-effective – and the same holds true for CNG engines in automobiles.

Heating, cooking, barbecuing and drying washing are all possible using this fuel. Natural gas or CNG can be used flexibly in house or garden. The energy source is also environmentally friendly, and it can be used easily and safely in everyday applications without compromising the environment. Modern condensing boilers supply heating efficiently in all types and sizes of home. The combination of natural gas condensation heating with a solar system has now become much more common. This allows the power of the sun to be used for generating hot water and partly for heating. Combined heat and power technology (co-generation) is also supplied for houses with a high energy requirement. Alongside heat and hot water, this form of natural gas heating also generates electricity with the assistance of a generator. This enables up to 60 percent of the annual electricity requirement of a single-family home to be covered. The most innovative and most efficient form of combined heat and power technology is provided by fuel-cell heating operated with natural gas. Meanwhile, natural gas heat pumps are supplied as an alternative especially for low-energy households. These make use of geothermal heat and only generate additional heating output in situations where there is a particularly high requirement.

In fact, if additional heating is required, a natural gas fire can create a wonderfully cosy atmosphere on particularly frosty winter evenings. This form of convenient and environmentally benign supplementary heating is being designed in from the planning stage for an increasing number of new-builds.

Lightning fast supply of heat and precision cooking are just two of a large number of advantages provided by a natural gas cooker, which is valued by professional chefs and home cooks alike. Natural gas is also a practical and useful alternative for enjoying a good barbecue in the garden. Natural-gas barbecues are now supplied by numerous manufacturers in different sizes and versions. You only need an additional natural gas connection on the patio to provide them with energy. This can also be used to supply a natural gas patio heater to create a cosy atmosphere even on cooler days.

Additional natural gas connections can also be installed in the home. These allow a utility such as a natural gas dryer to be operated. This type of dryer operates up to 60 percent more cost-effectively than an electrically operated appliance with the same power.

There is absolutely no doubt that natural gas will play a leading role in providing people with creature comforts for years to come. The European Union believes that by 2050, this energy source will cover a share of 25 percent of primary energy consumption.